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Estonia , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Estonia » Ida-Viru County: Sillamäe port wants state to contribute €6 million to passenger terminal

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Publication date: Sunday 07 January 2018

Sillamäe, a town in North Estonia, and the port of Sillämae have turned to ... and if the project is added to the Ida-Viru County investment program, the works could be finished already in a year. The whole project costs €10-12 million, and the state ...

News Estonia » Ida-Viru County: Lost In Conflation: The Estonian City Of Narva And Its Russian-Speakers – Analysis

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Publication date: hursday 12 May 2016

Today, Russian-speakers comprise 28% of Estonia’s total population. They tend to live in segregated communities, including in the capital Tallinn and the northeastern borderland city of Narva. Narva and its surrounding Ida-Viru County are considered ...

News Estonia » Ida-Viru County: Are the Baltic states at risk of Russian aggression?

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Publication date: Sunday 12 April 2015

Though present Russian policies towards the Baltic States may not spell imminent ... In this regard Estonia and Latvia again appear more at risk than Lithuania, since their eastern territories of Ida-Viru County and Latgale border Russia and have sizable ...

News Estonia » Ida-Viru County: Estonia becomes self-sufficient on shale gas boom

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Publication date: Sunday 25 August 2013

“Estonia is not rich enough to experiment with immature technologies ... The word order is reversed, a source of confusion. Swaths of Ida-Viru county have been gouged at a pace of 100 hectares a year, across a front twelve miles wide.

News Estonia » Ida-Viru County: Demographics and Estonia: An Overview

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Publication date: uesday 01 May 2007

This is the case of Estonia's second largest city, Tartu, as well. As people watching the news last week saw, the main centers of the ethnic Russian population are in Tallinn and in Ida Viru county in northeastern Estonia. Estonia is 69 percent ethnic ...

News Estonia » Ida-Viru County: 62 | Chamber of commerce 2010

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Publication date: Sunday 08 August 2010

The seminar was supported by Enterprise Estonia (EE). Several companies in Ida-Viru County that own industrial property, the local municipalities and the state of Estonia are interested in new investments into the County. The potential regions from where ...

News Estonia » Ida-Viru County: Estonia Seeks Shale Oil in Utah

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 July 2013

WASHINGTON — A company from the former Soviet republic of Estonia is locked in a bid to mine massive oil shale resources in Utah, claiming it has the technology and know-how to recover 50,000 barrels of oil per day over the course of three decades.