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Estonia , Saturday 21 April 2018

News Estonia » Government: Estonian ministry to support industrial sector's innovation, exports

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Publication date: Friday 20 April 2018

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications ... During the discussion on the national fiscal strategy for the next four years, the government gave its nod to allocating 20 million euros more to the measure during the four-year period.

News Estonia » Government: Estonia's Reform Party picks its first female leader

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Publication date: Saturday 14 April 2018

The Reform Party was the top vote-getter in the 2015 election and part of every Estonian government between 1999 and 2016. It held the prime minister's post for 11 years between 2005 and 2016 but it saw its popularity wane due to several political scandals.

News Estonia » Government: Estonia Offers Free Genetic Testing to Residents

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Publication date: Friday 13 April 2018

The Estonian government announced last month that it would pay to genotype 100,000 of its citizens as part of its to plan integrate genetic testing into its healthcare system. The country aims to minimize disease risk and promote healthier living through ...

News Estonia » Government: UK Government Overlooks Russian Mob’s Use of Novichok for Assassination

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Publication date: Wednesday 18 April 2018

But in fact, the British government is well aware that such an alternative explanation ... who then lived in Latvia and was later seriously wounded in an attempted robbery of a cash van in Estonia, for less than $1,800. In 1995, some of that nerve agent ...

News Estonia » Government: The day the Soviets invaded Britain to capture an Estonian

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Publication date: uesday 17 April 2018

Two days later he was formally granted asylum by the British government and travelled by train, as a free man, to King’s Cross station in London, accompanied by Dr Jaak Taul, chairman of the Estonian Lutheran Church of Great Britain. The decision to ...

News Estonia » Government: Ilves: Estonia's IT success not based on technological advances

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Publication date: Friday 20 April 2018

Estonia's former president Toomas Hendrik Ilves at the Forbes ... "Technology is everywhere and it is, if you think of its power, amazingly cheap," Ilves said. "Any government or state can get the technology. Not every government, however, has the courage ...

News Estonia » Government: Would You Give the Government Your Genome?

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Publication date: Friday 06 April 2018

Estonia, a former Soviet territory nestled in the Baltic region between Latvia and Russia, has become the first nation to provide state-sponsored genetic testing and advice—to 100,000 of its 1.3 million residents. Government knowledge of citizens’ DNA ...

News Estonia » Government: Estonian gov't decides to send 50 troops for French anti-terror operation in Mali

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Publication date: hursday 22 March 2018

TALLINN, March 22 (Xinhua) -- The Estonian government decided on Thursday to send up to 50 active servicemen to participate in the French-led anti-terrorist Operation Barkhane in Mali. The Estonian government will apply for a mandate from the Riigikogu ...

News Estonia » Government: Estonia offers free genetic testing in nationwide experiment

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Publication date: hursday 12 April 2018

However, participants can choose in advance how much information they wish to receive to avoid unnecessary anxiety. The Estonian government has allocated 5 million euros ($6.2 million) for the project this year. In countries like Britain, people donating ...

News Estonia » Government: U.S. imposes new sanctions on 7 Russian oligarchs and 17 government officials

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Publication date: Sunday 15 April 2018

Among the government officials on the list are Vladimir Kolokoltsev ... He said the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania "have all been targeted by Russia’s so-called hybrid warfare, a pernicious form of aggression that combines political ...