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Estonia , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Estonia » Government: Interview: Kaspar Korjus, Estonian e-Residency lead

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

It provides non-Estonian citizens easy access to online government services and low-cost administration to set up an EU-registered company. By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding ...

News Estonia » Government: Forest watchdog calls for protection of Estonia’s pagan heritage

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Publication date: uesday 23 January 2018

Estonia’s ‘sustainable timber’ could lose its certification over a failure to protect sacred heritage sites, a forestry watchdog has warned. Thousands of ancient sites are at risk of logging because the government will not pay to have them mapped ...

News Estonia » Government: Opinion digest: Estonia headed for government crisis

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Publication date: Sunday 21 January 2018

Following the Reform Party's Friday ultimatum, either Justice Minister Urmas Reinsalu (IRL) will resign today Monday, or there will be a vote of no confidence against him. In the latter case, the government can't rely on the Social Democrats to toe the ...

News Estonia » Government: Estonia also will send leaflets to residents with guidance on how to act in a war

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Publication date: Saturday 20 January 2018

"When it will be issued, I don't know. But work is in progress to have it," Brig. Gen. Martin Herem, endorsed by the government as the next commander of the Estonian defense forces, said. Developing of the manual is led by the Interior Ministry, Postimees ...

News Estonia » Government: 4 offers in procurement for consultant on Est-For project in Estonia

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

The government in mid-May 2017 initiated the procedure of a national designated spatial plan with a view to building a one billion euro pulp mill not far from Emajogi River in South Estonia and also decided to initiate the procedure of strategic ...

News Estonia » Government: Norway government expands coalition, still lacks majority

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Publication date: Sunday 14 January 2018

TALLINN, Estonia – Norway's two-party center-right government has agreed to include the small centrist Liberal Party in the Cabinet, but the expanded three-way government will still fall short of having a majority in parliament. Prime Minister Erna ...

News Estonia » Government: South Korea Wants To Ban Crypto Trade, While Government Officials And Big Banks Make Millions

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Publication date: Friday 19 January 2018

Amid the instability, Korean blockchain startups have been flocking to countries like Switzerland and Estonia to set up their ICOs. While the government has not firmed up a timeline for publishing regulations, officials say they’re rushing to lay ...

News Estonia » Government: Abe to seek Estonia's help in cyberdefense on European tour

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Publication date: hursday 11 January 2018

Japan also hopes to share in Estonia's knowledge of e-voting, which the European country has made a reality and is being eyed by the government here. Another goal is advancing public-private linkups in the cyber realm. Representatives from about 20 ...

News Estonia » Government: Japanese PM kicks off six-nation European tour in Estonia

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Publication date: Friday 12 January 2018

TALLINN, Estonia — Japan's prime minister has kicked off a five ... Safety advocates have urged the government to set standards that specifically address the safety of self-driving cars. The Obama administration last year issued a voluntary set of ...

News Estonia » Government: How a cyber attack transformed Estonia

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Publication date: Wednesday 26 April 2017

They are seen as occupiers, and the Bronze Solider is a painful symbol of half a century of Soviet oppression. In 2007 the Estonian government decided to move the Bronze Soldier from the centre of Tallinn to a military cemetery on the outskirts of the city.